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Magnum chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum

Long actions are now ready for shipping.

Gord O. from Canada who was "chaired" for his F Open Class wins.

Here are pictures of a short action kit with the new tactical hand guard and a prototype long action kit. The hand guard forgoes the slot in the bottom and adds the 6” of knurl as well as two bipod studs on the bottom. The tactical hand guard is available now. Call for pricing.

Tactical hand guard.


We are currently in the testing phase of the long action prototypes and as soon as that is complete we will begin machining parts for production. If you are interested in one of the long action kits let us know and you will be the first on the list to be contacted on the pricing and availability once we have completed our testing.


Here is a slide show on how to put a kit together with your barreled action step by step. This is a Power Point slide show, and is a little over 8 MB. so it may take a while to download or open. You can download for free the Power Point Viewer 2007 here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=048DC840-14E1-467D-8DCA-19D2A8FD7485&displaylang=en


The tube gun graces the cover of more than one website! 


 So fast in fact we are currently machining more right now click here to check out the new repeater model!

We now have CNC machined cast nylon single loading blocks for the

Here’s a view of Kevin's Indiana deer legal pistol in 243. For  more info check out the prototype page.


Hit Counter


Kevin and Jason


Bob Peasley

Minnesota HP Championship 2006


This is Wayne Satern's 240 NMC, built by his son Steve Satern, and barreled with a Satern made barrel with a 7.45 twist.

He is shooting "Tubb" bullets, 115 grain, 38.0 grains of H4350. Wayne just shot a shot 200 w/18X's at Red Wing, Minn on 5-14-05


I shot at Red Wing, Minn on 4-30-05 in the wind, rain, sleet & snow with my "TubeGun" that Steve  put together for me( the only one I have) It was a 4 gun 600 yd match  and I shot the "F" class and came out with a 797 w/ 48 X's...lost  three 9's to the wind, it was nasty shooting... the "240NMC" is a  shooter....Wayne


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